BACK TO LIVES is an organization which works in the domain of education and internet addiction. The very first word education is the foundation of our own life, for society, for country and for the whole world as well as the universe also. The second word is new but grasped most of us by giving transient pleasure.

We are not anyway against the technological advancements but only want to spread a healthy awareness about the use of mobile phones and other gadgets. the reason behind relating the education and internet is simple that our present day generation is lacking the power of concentration in their education as well as other areas of life also.

You can see most of the person doing time pass on mobile phones. What is the basic reason behind that, it is the lack of single minded approach or do not having a certain purpose in life. The kind of education imparted today is not broad and deep. Their main motto is to produce a person adapted to fulfill the targets of life not the persons who can set several milestones in his own as well as in other's lives. The whole focus became centered on education for living not life. We almost forgot the word said by S. Radhakrishnan "The end product of education should be a free, a creative man, who can battle again historical circumstances and adversities of nature… . a life of joy and happiness is possible only on basis of knowledge and science."

So the role of education in our life should always be broad and it must be a continuous process of learning since birth to death. If we limited the important aspect of education for a few years it will make our life blind, blundering and bitter. And we will constantly try to replace the bitterness by the transient sweetness of pleasurable activities.

The inventor of social media platforms gave them the perfect names like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. The word itself tells the stories like Facebook-the Book of Your Face, Whatsapp-What is New in Your Life, Instagram-It is Instant Telegram more Fast than Telegram, the Age Old Tool of Instant Messaging . They are creating the buzz in awesome way. Now the time came to think deeply on these aspects as they are playing with our emotional sentiments by giving transient happiness. But all the destruction comes with the seed of a new creation and through back to lives, we will try to spread an awareness about the best possible benefits of such things.

A Father said to his child: Be careful where you walk. The child responded: You be careful Dad, for, I walk in your footsteps. What a deep meaning this line conveying! It is a message for all of us that we all are the role models for our coming generations and each and every steps matters because your life is itself the integration of all your footsteps.

Most of us will agree that our life is a beautiful and unique gift bestowed to us by the Almighty and certainly it is a time period granted to us to live happily and do something good which will make this world a beautiful place to live. We are not here to eat, sleep and destroying our most precious treasure TIME. Life is the name of a trust and it is to be spent in the love and service of humanity. Service to humanity service of God.

Now comes to point, how will it possible! It will only possible to make our own life meaningful first. Because whichever ideas or concepts you are trying to project, you must first try to live your own life congenial to that thought or concept. Gone are the days when the struggle of mankind was limited to Roti, Kapda and Makan. In spite of amazing advancements in the field of science and technology, we have been struggling for health and happiness. In reality, health and happiness are the basic threads which makes our lives meaningful and worth living. One more thing is worth considerable here that the education imparted by modern day organizations are also not broad and enriching the lives of present generations superficially. If the most sought after dimensions like health, education and happiness will not be in a balance manner, we will not be in a position to imagine creative life.

Human life is the most beautiful reflection of the infinite mystery which inspires the whole temporal process of universe. Only thing which can do is to pay the homage of adoration to the Divine by our every act dedicated to the eternal power. And all our activities are to be utilized for the purpose of producing a better life, a creative life in which every man should be able to feel more amplitude of existence, more richness of being, more fervour of friendship. Back to Lives is an organization works in this regard and the services provided by us is education, health and happiness to all.